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At FY International Consulting Services we acknowledge that the new and more stringent regulatory regimes around the globe are shifting the market demands and leading to industry consolidation. We offer our clients a suite of high-impact Consulting Services that can help your organization build value during a time of change.

We accomplish this by:
  • Working in multidisciplinary teams – Your organization will benefit from the multiple skills and perspectives of our service teams.
  • Finding the right talent for the task – You will have access to global resources from our international network.
  • Putting quality first – Your FY International team leader will be empowered to bring all necessary resources to serve you.

There are two ways for business leaders to address major change. They can react doing what is necessary to deal with the immediate implications. Alternatively they can respond. They can seek to understand the full scope of the change; what it means for all areas of the business, and then act decisively. The following six areas of service reflect our expertise and understanding of the global markets.

With members throughout the Americas and Spain, FY International has a global understanding of the intricacies that can arise with operating a business. Our professionals can help organizations grow by participating in significant initiatives and priorities, helping develop new programs, policies and systems, and providing solutions to business and financial issues. Our experts are available to assist businesses with the multifaceted areas of expanding a business operation.

  • Valuation of companies.
  • Restructuring administrative, financial and legal.
  • Analysis of production processes.
  • Analysis of the structure of the company to recommend steps to take to get higher returns.
  • Reorganization and restructuring of companies worldwide.
  • Advice on the management structure policies accounts receivable, credit and collection.
  • Assistance on Capital Market Transactions.
  • Business Integration.
  • Corporate Finances.
  • Familiar Business Organizations.
  • Independent Expert Opinions.
  • Market Analysis.
  • Performance Improvement.
  • Private Equity Advisory.
  • Service Quality Assessments
  • Technology and Information Systems

FYI’s professionals can help clients execute and manage the entire buying/selling process from inception to completion. We can enhance the value of acquisition and divestitures through our global contacts, our industry knowledge, and our proprietary information on buyers, pricing and transaction structures. As a full-service professional firm, we also have ready access to in-house transaction support resources, including due diligence and tax structuring.

  • Business and Organizational Restructuring.
  • Control by Objectives.
  • Financial Restructuring.
  • Business Valuations.
  • Fairness Opinions.
  • Refinance.
  • Transaction Negotiation Support.

FYI has a wealth of experience helping organizations assess, document and enhance their internal control systems and management accountability. FYI will analyse your processes to ensure that we can add value to your operation as we address the certification requirements.

  • Administrative Rationalization.
  • Business and Organizational Diagnostic.
  • Critical Process Optimization: Corporate, Operating and Financial.
  • Development of New Models for Process and Organization.
  • Modelling and Business Planning.
  • New Business / Product Launching Assessment and Support.
  • Organizational Diagnostic.
  • Post Deal Services.
  • Public Company Advisory.
  • Strategic Planning.
  • Strategy and Planning Systems Development.
  • Structuring Services.

Our Due diligence practice helps our clients make good investment decisions. Due diligence encompasses any procedure or steps taken at a client’s request to provide assurance or comment regarding assertions made by third parties in financial statements, prospectuses or other offering documents. Due diligence may be carried out in the case of prospective business acquisitions, financing proposals, valuations, or in loss-and-damage claims on behalf of insurance adjusters.

The main objectives of a DD assignment are:
  • To give the client insight into the operations of a business.
  • To provide information.
  • To help the client assess the risks of a transaction and therefore whether to proceed with the transaction.
  • To help the client assess the value at which a transaction should be undertaken
  • To help the client determine the warranties and indemnities that should be obtained from the vendor.

The end result of a due diligence assignment is a report tailored to the client’s requirements.

Risk management is a central part of any organization’s strategic management. It is the process whereby organizations methodically address the risks attaching to their activities with the goal of achieving sustained benefit within each activity and across the portfolio of all activities. The objective of good risk management is to add maximum sustainable value to all the activities of the organization. It increases the probability of success, and reduces both the probability of failure and the uncertainty of achieving the organization’s overall objectives.

FYI has a wealth of experience helping organizations assess, document and enhance their internal control systems and management accountability. FYI will analyze your processes to ensure that we can add value to your operation as we address the certification requirements.

  • Enterprise Risk Management.
  • Risk Strategy.
  • Corporate Governance Assessment.
  • Internal Control Assessment.
  • Internal Audit Services.
  • Financial Reporting Policies.
  • Risk Management & Documentation.
  • Internal Control over Financial Reporting Testing.

FY International can assist organizations in identifying and mitigating the risk of project failure. We help monitor important milestones by focusing on enhancing the process surrounding project and program management offices and evaluating project deliverables. We provide independent verification and validation of the project. In the case of critical projects we can provide and effective project management office.
  • Cost Controls.
  • Feasibility Studies.
  • Project Development and Assessments.
  • Project Finance.
  • Quality Assurance.
  • Technical Coordination.
  • Project Financing.
About FY International

FY International is a consortium of select accounting, legal and consulting firms in the Americas Asia and Europe. Together we apply resources and solutions suited to the needs of the international market. Our strong connections are based on a common commitment to excellence. We are uniquely equipped to deal with the geographical, cultural and linguistic barriers of doing business internationally.

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