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  • Sale of Companies, Business and Assets
  • Advice on procurement of societies, as well as business, assets or production units and in cases of acquisition by financial investors and other entrepreneurs. Our specialists are responsible for advising both in design and selection of the optimum manner, as its elaboration and negotiation of all agreements required in these processes, including advice on the review and analysis of companies, assets or business object of the sale, with ability to coordinate and follow up the intervention of other experts involved in such operations, allowing you to better understand our customers goals and translate them properly in the contract documents.

  • Ratings of Companies
  • The value of a company or business is marked by resources that is able to develop and produce. It is therefore necessary to analyze multiple scenarios in which you can function as the consequences and likelihood of each. Only professional and specialized work ensures greater objectivity in the assessment of each of these scenarios providing a proper valuation and our team is multidisciplinary teams that allow to establish criteria to give a more appropriate value.

  • Due Diligence
  • The parties involved in an acquisition, need to ensure that the information they hold is as accurate as possible, not only to avoid paying too (or in the case of a seller receive very little to change) but also to ensure that governance and risk management goals are met. From the perspective of the buyer, the quality of the information available about a potential acquisition determines the ultimate success of the transaction. To ensure an efficient sales process, sellers need to present your information to potential as buyers more transparent as possible. An independent evaluation provides potential buyers with security on the business and the nature of its cash flow.

    Our company is responsible for this comprehensive advice to our customers in order ensure that their interests and obtain the best possible result.

About FY International

FY International is a consortium of select accounting, legal and consulting firms in the Americas Asia and Europe. Together we apply resources and solutions suited to the needs of the international market. Our strong connections are based on a common commitment to excellence. We are uniquely equipped to deal with the geographical, cultural and linguistic barriers of doing business internationally.

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